“Chris gets sales! I had the pleasure of working directly with Chris for 3 years. I witnessed his ability to quickly size-up a strategic sales plan for his organization, smartly identify the sales tools, sales training, and marketing materials needed to equip his team and effectively lead and coach his large sales department to implement the plan. Chris is a high-caliber executive. Plus, he is a great guy to work with and to have as part of any organization.”
Christine Fallucco , VP Marketing Strategy, Lighthouse Brand Marketing
“Dean is a dedicated, visionary leader who combines excellent business acumen with very strong leadership skills. Dean has consistently overachieved his results, delivered the highest employee satisfaction ratings, and always viewed as the de facto go-to leader. I would highly recommend Dean to any organization looking for a polished and seasoned leader who WILL drive top performance.”
David Ruggiero , Global Commercial Leader, Polycom
“Dean was VP of Sales for my software company for over a year. In that time, he installed a repeatable sales process, trained my sales team, redefined our sales strategy, and enabled us to get on a growth trajectory for the future. I would recommend 360 Consulting for any organization needing help in streamlining sales process and sustaining that growth for the future.”
Mickey Shah, CEO, Innowera
Chris spent a year with us at ABGI and we were able to make big strides in our sales organization. Before working with Chris we had no success finding and keeping sales reps and we weren’t getting the new customers we needed to truly grow our business. Chris was able to build the right recruiting, compensation plans, onboarding training and sales process management for us to succeed. He became a key member of our leadership team in the process. We now have 2 successful new business representatives, are adding new customers and we hired our first ever Sales Manager. We would have never had the confidence to make these bold moves before working with Chris and 360 Consulting.
Kris Sorokwasz, President & CEO | Founder, Advanced Business Graphics, Inc.
Chris Goade has passion and energy for his work. He is methodical and knows how to make the complex, simple. Chris’s strategic ideas and methods have helped my clients gain traction on a daily basis. His network of relationships and his charming personality make him a valuable connector and sales manager for growing businesses.
Jill Young , Certified EOS Implementer, TractionFirst, LLC
I had the pleasure of working collaboratively with Chris for over 3 years. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the way he led his team and his commanding knowledge of the brewed beverage industry. Chris is a leader who values and leverages the attributes of each team member. He leads by example and has a way of motivating others. Chris is strategic in thought and understands how to develop sales initiatives to benefit the brand, the company and ultimately the customer.
Donna Staton, Brand Marketing Manager, Rollins, Inc.
Chris is a high energy sales executive with a great ability to think outside the box and present new solutions to old and stagnant problems. During our time together, Chris was a great source of inspiration with respect to change for the better.
Victor Zaldivar , Director of Sales and Marketing, Filtration Group.
I have known and worked with Chris for over 20 years in a number of capacities and the words that come to mind are as follows: highly qualified professional, affable, true to his word, committed, value driven and fun to work with. Don’t let that high and tight haircut fool you – Chris Goade is an exceptional professional and a results-driven individual.
Bill Groux, Bill Groux Vice President Business Development, Healthgrades.
Chris has outstanding sales and marketing skills. At Standard Coffee Service Company, he successfully drove the new business effort -growing both the number of new customers and their profitability. I highly recommend Chris’s in any sales and marketing effort.
Anthony Gregorio , Executive Director, University of New Orleans.
I had the pleasure of working alongside Chris for 7 years at Standard Coffee Service and DS Services. Chris is the best that I have seen at development, implementation and execution in systematic selling. He also has the benefit of being a top notch operations general. Your new business will be a big success!
Ken Shea , President, Ken Shea & Associates