Recruiting Sales Talent in 2023: How to Find the Best

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Having the right sales talent makes all the difference to your business, whether you sell services or products. But recruiting sales talent in 2023 can be tough because good sales reps can be hard to find.

The reason is pretty obvious. Companies hang on to their top sales talent because they

  • unlock doors and sales opportunities that otherwise might stay closed,
  • provide a strong base on which a business can increase revenue, and
  • provide your company with a competitive edge in the marketplace.

At 360 Consulting, after decades of leading sales for high-growth firms, we understand that finding ideal candidates is both an art and a science. But you can hit the sweet spot.

So – in this article, we’ll share some proven strategies on how to hire top sales professionals in the current climate. We’ll approach this from two angles:

  • Front-end efforts
  • Back-end efforts

The Back-End Effort for Recruiting Sales Talent

Backend efforts are things you must do internally.

1. Describe Your Ideal Candidate

What exactly are you looking for? You can’t hope to find the ideal candidates if you don’t know what you need! So, take the time to thoroughly consider what talents, experience, and expertise you require.

Consider the roles that your new personnel will need to fill in your organization, as well as the structure and vision of your company. And only then construct your ideal candidate profile based on these.

Bear in mind that a good sales person is flexible. Job roles are changing constantly, and keeping some flexibility in your requirements means you’ll be able to move people across roles later when circumstances change.

However, you might want to distinguish between candidates who are likely to be more farmer than hunter in their approach. Keeping a balance in your team is good for teamwork and for opportunities to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

2. Cast a Wide Net

There’s no best place to find sales talent! Neither is there a set place or time to find ideal candidates. However, hiring top sales talent is a game-changer for your organization and you need to play it right.

So? You shouldn’t have an off-season for recruiting top talents as an organization. Always be recruiting, not only when you need to fill a position. And don’t rely solely on one source or platform for talent.

The best method for recruiting sales talent in 2023 is to keep an eye out everywhere. This means being more proactive but also more successful.

Maybe utilize your professional network. For example, ask your colleagues and contacts in the sales sector if they know of any sales professionals who may be interested.

Get your employees involved too. They just might be able to help you find ideal candidates. After all, they know your company inside out!

In addition, beware of narrowing your attention to only those within your industry vertical. Your hiring pool may become reduced. Successful salespeople can work in a variety of industries.

However, that being said, you may find you need to acknowledge expertise in selling services or selling a product – because top sales people get the whole ethos of one or the other and can bring this understanding to your post.

Even so, it’s best to communicate your recruitment opportunities as widely as seems reasonable.

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The Front-End Effort for Recruiting Sales Talent

Front-end efforts are the external-facing actions.

1 Show Your Strengths

Build a strong brand reputation. A weak brand reputation will undermine your effort no matter how wide you cast your net!

You don’t want recruiting for your brand to be like pouring water into a basket! You’ll struggle to attract top talents. You need a strong brand container into which to invite candidates.

That’s because even a few negative reviews or remarks can deter talents from applying. It’s common knowledge that candidates will turn up your business on Glassdoor, for example, and check you out!

And remember, your social media pages and website are all part of your brand resources. Position your organization as the place top sales talent will want to work.

2 Put Out a Reasonably Detailed Job Description

A poorly written job description says a lot about your company. This also forms part of your brand’s reputation. So, when recruiting sales talent, consider your job description the first opportunity to make a lasting impression on your ideal candidates.

It must be

  • appropriately edited,
  • easy to read,
  • targeted,
  • detailed, and
  • captivating.

Make sure to include all the necessary details but don’t go overboard. Applicants often read hundreds of job descriptions, mainly looking for relevant information about the company culture, remuneration and compensation, and benefits. What they don’t want to see is such comprehensive detail that you obviously expect Superman to apply! Don’t appear unrealistic about expectations or job performance.

And remember, too, that unenticing commission rates and bonuses will hinder your chances of attracting top talents.

Also show in the job description that you value diversity and inclusiveness as a company.

And make it clear, too, that you have plans for the candidate’s development and growth.  According to a Harvard review, top sales professionals prioritize how well the organization will support, assist them in succeeding in the short term, and improve over time as sales professionals.

3 Make the Application Process Seamless

Think about how many online purchases you’ve abandoned because of flawed online payment processes.

In one sense, of course, this isn’t a purchase. But in another, it is! Candidates are offering to buy in to your business.

They will often abandon the application process if it becomes unnecessarily tedious and uncoordinated.  They will also walk if the rest of the hiring process becomes difficult or drawn out.

Remember, excellent salespeople won’t stay in the market for very long. Other businesses are also in the wings. Make your processes as easy and transparent as possible.

When Recruiting Sales Talent, Remember Two Points

  1. When hiring sales personnel, it’s doubtful you’ll find a candidate who completely satisfies all of your requirements. Candidates shouldn’t be turned down because they lack one or two sales skills. Skills can be learned. Although, obviously, they must have the top skills you demand.
  2. Sales professionals are often good at selling themselves. Be wary of mistaking them for top talents!

360 Consulting Can Help You Recruit the Right Sales Talent

With over 20 years of experience at 360 Consulting, we’ve developed a reputation for assisting companies to hire sales professionals who are top talent and can overachieve on their sales goals.

We’ll help you attract top sales talent to your organization. Schedule a free consultation and let’s talk!

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