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Bring Order Out of Chaos with the Sales Xceleration Framework™

This year, don’t let your only results be: 

  • Exhaustion from unnecessary firefighting  
  • Valuable time wasted through spinning plates  
  • Lost business opportunities due to missing metrics 

At Sales Xceleration Texas, we know that an earthquake-resistant sales infrastructure will give you a competitive edge over others in your industry and increased results year on year. 

The Sales Xceleration Framework is our preferred structure to bring order out of chaos, and sustainable growth NOW and into the FUTURE 

What is the Sales Xceleration Framework™?

The Framework is a crucial part of the Sales Xceleration Certified Sales Operating and Management System. 

It helps you systematically develop all the foundational aspects of your sales strategy and processes to position your team for success.  

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What You Get with the Sales Xceleration Framework™

Sales Xceleration Texas partners with you to assess your systems and structure them efficiently to support the sustainable business growth you’re looking for. As seasoned Sales VPs and certified Sales Xceleration advisors, their experience of excellent sales infrastructure is second to none. 

You work with us over several full days on a detailed program of infrastructure building designed around your unique business needs. 

This is how it looks in practice. 

Foundation Building: Groundbreaking Day 

We kick off the Framework program with the Groundbreaking Day, attended by only leadership team members, typically the business owner and sales leader. 

In this first day, we teach your leadership team how to create their annual sales plan, how to assess the current sales team members’ ability to achieve your company goals, and how to create an action plan for solving any sales gaps. 

GOALS of the Groundbreaking Day: 

  • Gain agreement on areas of needed improvement in the sales organization. 
  • Develop 1-, 3- and 10-year revenue goals. 
  • Develop a scorecard of other key sales metrics. 
  • Create departmental goals for the year. 
  • Define the sales team roles and responsibilities. 
  • Assess the sales team’s skills and performance.  
  • Learn how to run an effective sales team and one-on-one meetings. 
  • Learn how to D3: Discover, Discuss, and Decide. 
  • Create a 30-day action plan. 

At the end of the Groundbreaking Day, youll have these new tools and a clear and concise Sales Action Plan for both the department and the sales team for achieving your company‘s revenue and departmental goals. 

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Foundation Building: Level 1 Day

Building on Groundbreaking Day, we’ll invite your sales team to flesh out the sales blueprint a little more, with: 

  • Your ideal customer profiles 
  • Buyer personas 
  • A strong value proposition 
  • Guiding sales principles 
  • Competitive positioning and key differentiators 
  • Sales story building 

These elements in the Sales Xceleration Framework™ work together to create a sales strategy to streamline communication, enabling a targeted approach that differentiates your offering and optimizes your resources for more efficient sales outcomes.  

With a customer-centric focus showcasing your competitive differentiation, your team will have effective engagements with prospects. 

Foundation Building: Level 2 Day

Continuing to build secure foundations, we work with you on: 

  • Role-playing with the sales team to ensure the new messaging can be put into action 
  • Gaining consensus on the final Revenue, Key Sales Metrics, and departmental goals for the year 
  • Creating accountability with quarterly ROCKS 
  • Finalizing the quarterly goals for the team and the salespeople 
  • Ensuring all information is gathered for the new Sales Playbook that will be created post-session 
  • D3: Discover, Discuss, and Decide Sales Gaps 

Quarterly Meetings

After completing the Foundation Building, your team moves on to Quarterly planning sessions, which will be scheduled with your sales leader and sales team to:  

  • Set new goals. 
  • Align strategies. 
  • Review the past quarter’s performance. 
  • Optimize resource allocation. 
  • Adapt to changes and feedback to enhance your team’s effectiveness each quarter. 

Every quarterly session also includes a Sales Training Workshop to continually improve the skills of your sales team. The Sales Xceleration™ infrastructure, together with added training and role play, ensures your team makes best use of the processes you’ve set up. 

Annual Planning

Wrapping up the fiscal year, we schedule an annual planning session for the owner and sales leader only, to create a renewed strategic direction, long-term vision, and goal alignment – and to identify opportunities for continuous improvement as we reset goals and priorities for the coming year.  

These annual sessions will:  

  • Ensure your team is aligned to achieve your revenue goals.  
  • Close any sales gaps.  
  • Ensure you have the right sales team members. 
  • Provide a solid plan for the year ahead. 

Why Do We Offer the Sales Xceleration Framework™?

As experienced former VPs of Sales in large companies, we chose to go into consulting so that companies of any size could benefit from our knowledge and understanding and compete in the same marketplace. We’re proud to help you: 

Avoid daily firefighting. 

Watch the plates spin themselves. 

See your full range of metrics open up new opportunities for growth. 

Schedule a meeting with Sales Xceleration Texas to discuss your needs and power up your infrastructure with the Sales Xceleration Framework™. A cast-iron chassis supports your sales engine long term. 

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