sales development

We offer a variety of programs that can help you uncover the steps that need to change within your sales strategy and then we’ll tailor an entirely new plan to fit your needs.


Through our partnership with The Predictive Index, we assess individuals and organizations to ensure culture and job fit using a science-based methodology. This includes identifying motivations and training gaps as well as developing target hiring and development for maximum performance.


Our experienced sales leader will give your company’s sales leaders the resources they need to implement change and lay the foundation required to drive growth. We’ll provide knowledge, coaching, techniques, and other tools that they can take back to lead their sales team.


Ensure your sales program stays on track and continues to deliver results after a sales infrastructure or Outsourced VP of Sales© with sales mentorship. This 12-month engagement includes quarterly business reviews, ongoing sales mentorship, sales training, role-playing and executive consulting. It can also be a stand-alone service.


Ensure your sales representatives are equipped to sell properly with 360 Consulting’s sales training. We’ll sharpen and ready your sales reps in needs discovery, consultative selling and positioning products/services to a client’s sales readiness. We offer sales management training as well.

Can your company benefit from 360 Consulting?

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