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We’ll provide a FREE full assessment and talk to your whole team to identify what works and what doesn’t, your past business mistakes, and your future goals!

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We love to collaborate with our clients to find the best processes and strategies that will right-set your organizational infrastructure. 360 Consulting will be your trusted advisor.

Enjoy Long-Term Growth

Watch your business grow and your sales team flourish now that you have a solid and sustainable foundation. Your organization can trust that long-term growth will come long after 360 is finished.



We offer a variety of services from designing a sales program from scratch to recruiting and training great sales teams; all which will enable you and your company to deliver incredible results.

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Our marketing services help better align your sales goals with marketing goals to increase lead generation. Let 360 Consulting help you find the right marketing plans using our Sales-Driven Marketing approach for efficiency, alignment, and results.

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Human capital is a crucial part of sales results. Our organizational development consulting services will help you engage and tap into the strengths of each of your sales representatives through personnel assessments, compensation plans, mentorship, and more.

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The best people can’t work in a broken system, and the best system won’t help you win if your team isn’t engaged.

Stop spinning your wheels looking for quick fixes and band-aids, take a 360 approach and let us build a business you can count on.


Suite of Services

From sales and marketing to operational development and human capital enablement, we’re an all-in-one consulting service for your business.

Diverse Background

Our founders have experience in a wide variety of industries, from software, IT services and analytics to healthcare, energy, technology, manufacturing and real estate.

Our Experience

With more than 20 years of VP of Sales experience in companies of various sizes, we can build, rebuild or transform any B2B sales organization to achieve sustained results.

Our Partners

We’ve established partnerships with world-class organizations for sales infrastructure, digital marketing, behavioral assessments, benefits, recruiting and more.

Sales Infrastructure

Using the Genesis Sales Plan by Sales Xceleration, our sales infrastructure is a comprehensive plan with a 90-day timeline that provides you with sales infrastructure that delivers scale and repeatability, resulting in drastically improved sales.

Our Location

We’re proud to call the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex our home. As the eighth-largest metropolitan area in the United States, it keeps us close to our clients. High touch is highly valued.

360 Consulting was born out of a true passion for helping companies transform their sales teams and processes; our dynamic team leverages past successes and experiences to ensure your business achieves all-time sales records. It’s what gets us up in the morning.

About Our Team


“Chris gets sales! I had the pleasure of working directly with Chris for 3 years. I witnessed his ability to quickly size-up a strategic sales plan for his organization, smartly identify the sales tools, sales training, and marketing materials needed to equip his team and effectively lead and coach his large sales department to implement the plan. Chris is a high-caliber executive. Plus, he is a great guy to work with and to have as part of any organization.”
Christine Fallucco , VP Marketing Strategy, Lighthouse Brand Marketing
“Dean is a dedicated, visionary leader who combines excellent business acumen with very strong leadership skills. Dean has consistently overachieved his results, delivered the highest employee satisfaction ratings, and always viewed as the de facto go-to leader. I would highly recommend Dean to any organization looking for a polished and seasoned leader who WILL drive top performance.”
David Ruggiero , Global Commercial Leader, Polycom
“Dean was VP of Sales for my software company for over a year. In that time, he installed a repeatable sales process, trained my sales team, redefined our sales strategy, and enabled us to get on a growth trajectory for the future. I would recommend 360 Consulting for any organization needing help in streamlining sales process and sustaining that growth for the future.”
Mickey Shah, CEO, Innowera


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