360 Solution: Fractional Sales Leader

There's no need to let fear paralyze your business.

It might not seem obvious at first, but when a crisis hits and an economic downturn results, sales leadership consultants can be more important than ever to fill the inevitable void in sales leadership and help small to mid-sized businesses stay on top of their game.

An Avenue to Growth

Many of your competitors will panic – instituting a hiring freeze, cutting investments in marketing, and unwilling to move out of frustration and fear. You might have started doing the same. Have you put a current search for a sales leader on hold? Or, have you simply decided not to fill the position?

This is a time when you need to be laser focused on sales, and your sales team needs coaching and leadership to achieve their goals for the sake of your business. It’s your company’s best shot at survival. And it puts you in a stronger position once the market returns to normal.

An Instant Team Member

If all of this sounds impossible with the resources you currently have, and you’re concerned about making any new hires in the economic environment, you’re not alone. 360 Consulting has the solution for you.

This is where a fractional sales leadership comes in. Bring on an expert with a proven track record, a positive perspective, and a drive to produce real results. Unsettling times call for new business methods, and the expertise of a fractional sales leader can guide the way. Let’s accelerate your sales growth together.

A Partner On-Demand

And the best part? A fractional sales leader stays on only as long as you need them, leaving you free to focus your attention where it needs to be: on the rest of your business. The opportunity to drive sales results, adjust your sales strategy, processes and methodologies and be prepared to come out on the other side healthy and growing can be accomplished.

And the other advantage of having a fractional sales leader comes when you are ready to make that hire for that new sales leader. We are experts at building sustainable processes and plans that new leaders can snap into quickly.

Here's The Bottom Line

When a crisis like COVID-19 hits, traditional sales strategies and methods must adapt. This is especially critical – and also incredibly difficult – for small to mid-sized businesses who are more vulnerable to business disruption. Businesses like this can survive, but will struggle greatly without new ways of operating in the new crisis environment.

A Fractional Sales Leader from 360 Consulting can bring external, big-picture perspective and experience to help your business recognize threats and opportunities, and explore new ways to survive and thrive during and after the crisis period.

Now is not the time to let fear keep you from hitting new sales goals and thriving in a tough market. Let 360 Consulting help you with a fractional sales leader who can give you the foundation now to make tomorrow prosperous.

Why Choose a 360 Approach?

You already know that each member of the 360 team has over two decades of experience in lucrative sales leadership roles in numerous B2B industries. We’re consultants by choice, and we have also led start-ups and small companies and are entrepreneurs ourselves. We provide the formula and expert advice required to implement a proven solution. You can count on us to deliver the truth about your process, people, and sales model. Most of all, we’ll guide you and your business with a measurable, attainable plan.

Schedule your consultation today to speak with our team and learn more about how a Fractional Sales Leader can be instrumental in your organization right now.

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