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Sales Xceleration 

Sales Xceleration, Inc. uses more than 1000 years of executive leadership experience to help small business and mid-sized corporations with turnkey selling solutions. They gather business intelligence, build a working sales model and hire the required sales resources on behalf of companies around the country. 360 Consulting is a proud licensed partner for their business. 


Mojo Media Labs

Mojo Media Labs is an inbound marketing and sales agency based in Irving, TX. A HubSpot Platinum partner, Mojo uses a combination of marketing strategy, email marketing, social media marketing, multimedia content creation and workflow creation to drive leads and revenue for B2B clients. Their lead nurturing methodology, which markets according to a lead's position in the "buyer's journey," produces highly qualified leads for sales teams to convert into customers.


R.H. Sweeney Associates

R.H. Sweeney Associates uses a tool known as the Predictive Index to help managers build and develop more productive sales teams. Through the Predictive Index, they can identify talent with the highest potential for future success and professional development. Companies can easily gain an edge through better understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their teams.


Benefits by Design 

Founded in 1998 with a vision to provide health and life insurance consumers with service and support above and beyond industry standards with customers first and foremost as our focus. Benefits by Design has 25 years of health and life insurance experience and is dedicated to providing clients with service and support, along with helping business owners navigate the all too confusing world of employee benefits.

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Dedicated to seeking and hiring qualified sales staffs, Proactivate assists companies to deliver true revenue-driving sales performance. When businesses struggle to train, attract or retain sales reps, Proactivate provides a guiding light to create integrated, results-driven sales teams. From recruitment to development, companies learn how to create a winning selection process to make sure they get the right talent in the right positions.

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