What a CRM System Can Do for Your Company

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CRM. Customer Relationship Management. You’ve heard it before, but what does it mean? And why is it important? A proper CRM system will align your sales, marketing, and organizational departments. Furthermore, it will also increase revenue and build stronger customer relationships.

It’s a simple idea—put the customer first. When you do this the right way, it’s hard to mess up. And great companies look at every transaction from the customer’s perspective. Doing so doesn’t just make customers happy, but it also builds brand loyalty, a crucial ingredient for lasting success.

Seven Ways CRM Benefits Your Company

We’ve talked before about how to clean up your CRM system, but if you aren’t even sure why you need one or how your organization could benefit, those tips will do you no good.

Stick with us here to learn why CRM is important and when used correctly, how it can benefit your organization.

Below are seven ways to improve your sales and customer retention overall, as CRM:

1. Develops and Manages an Effective Sales Pipeline

CRMs can be customized to fit your business’ unique needs and serve your sales pipeline in a way that matches your process.

We’ll help you implement a CRM system that allows your sales team to stay focused, organized, and provides the opportunity to see everything that is happening in their deals.

2. Makes Your Sales Team More Efficient

As mentioned, a great CRM system will get your sales team focused and organized, and it will allow them to take helpful information with them wherever they go.

In a fast-paced business world, thanks to mobile apps, your sales team can respond quickly and intelligently throughout the sales process.

3. Improves Customer Experience

All customer info can be readily available and accessed by multiple employees, meaning anyone within the company can be ready to speak with or respond to any customer.

You can also utilize CRM to handle negative customer experiences, minimizing potential damage, and improving the overall experience. Happy customers become loyal customers.

4. Creates Better Sales KPIs

Your CRM system can be a shared resource for your entire team to communicate- not just with customers, but to set KPI’s to drive results.

Some best practice KPIs are:

  • lead conversions
  • pipeline goals
  • inbound marketing leads
  • time to lead contact
  • customer meeting schedules
  • fulfillment of orders

Your CRM can become a powerful tool and create efficiency and drive better results.

5. Plans Course of Action

CRM systems not only centralize customer information, but they can also aid you in establishing a course of action. Keep your sales team focused on closing deals rather than pushing paperwork.

Identify leads, get reminders to follow-up, and monitor your customer’s involvement.

6. Assigns Roles and Responsibility

Give your team and yourself accountability with an effective CRM system and never let another customer fall through the cracks. While it’s unlikely that responsibilities go unmet with a proper CRM, you can at least rest easy knowing you’ll be able to identify just where things went wrong.

7. Nurtures Prospects and Customers (More Efficiently)

Leverage your sales team’s energy and better nurture prospects and customers through the creation of marketing automation.

The 360 Consulting team will set your company up with the right CRM system that allows you to work smarter, not harder. CRM systems can even tailor your marketing strategies to fit your needs.

Established companies and enterprises have a lot to gain and everything to lose if CRM systems aren’t implemented. Make things easier for your sales team and give your entire organization the access to valuable information so that you can set your company up for long-lasting success.

A Word on Enterprise CRM

We have mentioned that larger companies can benefit from CRM. However, it’s important to note that enterprises require a completely separate, but similar, CRM approach than SMBs and Mid-Market organizations.

We understand that enterprises have more robust needs, and they require CRM systems that can to handle larger, more complex businesses. Additionally, Enterprise CRM systems can be set up to work with mobile devices and allow for easier integration with existing software and products.

360 Consulting Has the Solution You Need

Learn more about our CRM solutions and how we can help you grow your business today! Schedule your FREE sales assessment here!

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