How to Take A 360 Approach to Transform Your Sales Team

How to Take A 360 Approach to Transform Your Sales Team
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Organizational leaders know the feeling all too well—the ongoing pursuit to grow your business. Doing so can heavily depend on the success of your sales team. And whether you feel your sales team is stagnant or at a loss for how to improve, you still might not be reaching the goals you’ve set for your company.

Even when things are going well, you know there will eventually be the need to evolve. And for this and many other reasons, we recommend taking a 360 approach to transforming your sales team.


What Exactly Is A 360 Approach?

This means you’re looking at the big picture. And you do this by taking a holistic approach, staying informed, and trying different methods to set your team on the right track.

To accurately address your needs and offer the best, completely custom solution, we break our offerings into three parts:

Because the truth is, they all work together. And if you want to see sustainable sales success, you need to take a look at the big picture.

Your company’s overall standing and financial wellbeing depends on your sales team.

So, how can you tell if your sales team is in need of some growth tools?

  • Lacking in basic skills or knowledge to close sales.
  • A prominent skills gap in your existing team.
  • You must continuously provide specialized customer support.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • They play the blame game.

These five signs of disfunction just barely skim the surface of potential problems of struggling sales teams. Even if you’re concerned about other behaviors not listed, let’s talk. We can get a feel for your organization, your goals, and what’s going on to better assess if there are problems that need to be addressed.


Transform Your Sales Team

Now you know how to identify an inefficient sales team and strategy, but how can you fix it?

There are a number of strategies, tools, and training opportunities that can whip your sales team into shape. Every organization has differing needs, but in general here are some of the most important and effective ways to transform your sales team.

1. Provide Consistent Educational Opportunities

Want to see your sales team’s proficiency skyrocket? Invest in them.

Give them the opportunity to learn and grow, convince top performers to stay, and give your middle of the pack performers the tools they need to rise to the top. Regular training and development programs can do wonders.


2. Define Your Strategy

You can’t expect a sales team to be operating at maximum efficiency if they don’t have a clear strategy to follow.

Get your infrastructure set in 90 days and roll out a solid sales plan, compensation plan, CRM integration, and sales metrics, among many other things.

Need help? We can help you plan!


3. Qualify Leads

Take the time to define your target and stick to it.

Anyone who falls outside of your definition is wasting your time and won’t do anything for your company. You want to give leads to your sales team that fit the mold and are ready to engage in a sales conversation.


4. Manage Performance

Set expectations and manage against them. An effective sales performance strategy begins with effective hiring and onboarding practices and goes through the point of sale.

We can help you with everything from recruiting, to accountability, to organizational support.


5. Motivate

This is a no-brainer, but if you want to keep top talent and motivate your team to high levels of the right sales activity, you need to give incentives. A well thought out compensation plan and clear expectations can go a long way in motivating your sales team to come through with big sales!



Your Top Line Is Our Bottom Line

Helping business leaders grow their companies and salespeople overachieve their sales goals is our passion.

To make this happen, we know we need to deliver the truth about your sales model, even if that means looking you in the eye and telling you that your practices are hindering your sales efforts. We take it personally. We perform like our livelihood depends on your sales success and we want to see you succeed.


If you want to learn about the 360 Consulting approach and how we can help your business achieve goals and smash sales records, let’s talk! Schedule your FREE consultation by filling out our contact form, sending an email to, or giving us a call at 817-800-9546. We’re ready to help!


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