How to Drive Top Sales Performers Now and in the Future

How to Drive Top Sales Performers
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Every sales department has its top performers. And these people are the sales stars of the department. They drive the most sales and are a source of motivation to other team members.

Top salespeople are a product of many hours of hard work and practice. They have tried and tested different sales approaches and perfected them to produce results.

Want to know what it takes to be a top sales performer? And how to drive top sales performers in the long term? Then read on.


They Must Believe in the Solution They Are Selling

By firmly believing in the products and services that they are selling and its ability to provide a solution to their customers’ problems, it will show in their sales pitch and selling techniques. When your sales team believes in the product, they will better understand their ideal customer. Instead of hard-selling, they will help them in their buying journey by providing a smooth customer experience.


They Need to Ask the Right Questions

Asking the right questions will help make their sales pitch feel genuine, and the prospective customer will feel at ease and safe. Customers want to know that you have their best interests in mind and that they are not just another sale to reach a target.

Hence, by getting your sales team to ask questions that will reveal more about your customer’ wants and needs, the pain points, and challenges they are facing, this will reassure the customer that they want to help them.

They Need to Have a Positive Attitude

Even the best sales performers often do not meet all of their targets and struggle to close a deal. There are good days and bad days. And it is only by keeping up good spirits, confidence, and positive attitude that they will be able to find a fresh perspective in every potential new customer.

Just how like attracts like, maintaining a positive attitude will attract customers who are just as enthusiastic to try your product or subscribe to your site. Maintaining a positive attitude will motivate them not to give up as they try to reach their sales goals.



They Need to Build Trust with Customers

Customers have many choices, and there is a reason why they choose your organization and products. Building trust and being honest with customers will improve their sales performance in the long run. It is easier to maintain good relationships with customers when there is a sense of trust between you.

A top performer establishes clear and open communication with their customers and prioritizes the customer’s needs.


They Should Set Goals and Achieve Them

Having goals will help your sales team to remain focused and maintain their momentum as a salesperson. Not every salesperson will have the same goal. They should Identify what they need to improve their skills, set some goals around that, and achieve them. The more they monitor their goals closely, the more likely they are to reach the goals set.


How to Replicate the Success of Top Sales Performers

Every organization has its top sales reps who exhibit unique performance, which sets them apart from the rest of the sales team. Unfortunately, many organizations do not prepare enough for when these veterans leave or retire. And they end up taking years of experience and expertise with them, leaving the organization struggling to train the bottom line.

However, you can prevent this from happening by implementing practices that will capture the knowledge of successful sales performers. Some of the approaches you can implement include:


Mentor/Coach Your Team

To discover the secret behind your top performers, arrange coaching programs for your employees using the real-life experience of your best salespeople. Mentoring builds resilience and gives employees an appetite to perform better.

What Does a Mentor Session Involve?

Mentor sessions walk sales professionals through a series of questions designed to quickly discover how they think, what they do well, and how they do it.  A mentor will do a study of top performers’ habits and approaches within your sales organization. They will look at how they achieve results and instill that knowledge in the rest of your sales reps to encourage performance improvement.



Share Tips and Best Practices

There is a saying that sharing is caring, which rings true even when it comes to business secrets that help sales growth forecast. For example, top sales performers should share their experience and what they have learned when dealing with customers and closing targets.

This will encourage your top performers to train and share their success tips with the rest of the team. This creates a culture of an open-minded team that is ready to share ideas and overall excellence.  As a sales leader, make it a practice to ask open-ended questions in your sales meetings and promote a sharing culture.

Reward Top Performing Employees

Rewarding the team’s stars keeps them engaged, motivated, and recognized by others for their sale process. Rewards can be given in different ways, such as badges or features in the company newsletters. The purpose of these reward systems is to inspire the next generation to perform well and take leadership roles.


Create an Action Plan

From analyzing your top performers’ sales practices and methods, create a detailed action plan that your sales team and organization can implement. This action plan should include the weakness and strengths of the current approaches and point out areas of improvement. When the team works around an action plan, it is easier for them to track their performance and analyze their growth as a salesperson.



We Can Help You Drive Your Top Sales Performers to Their Full Potential

As a sales leader, you have a responsibility to shape what your sales culture will look like now and in the future. However, it takes work to drive sales performers to act at their full potential.

Here at 360 Consulting, sales are what drives us. We are dedicated to helping individuals, small businesses, and organizations rise to their full sales potential. Schedule a free consultation today and start building groundbreaking sales performers now!

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