What’s the Impact of Sales Training?

What’s the Impact of Sales Training
June 15th, 2021 0 Comments

It is no secret that sales training can provide any company with sustainable, long-term returns. However, leaders know that they cannot necessarily hire the best candidates every time.

Sales teams reflect this gradient—some may outperform while others may fall behind considerably. Performance differences among sales representatives are attributed to many factors, but one common cause is a skills gap. Therefore, it is important to try and close this skills gap, as this often leads to an incredible boost in sales performance.


There Is “No One Size Fits All” Sales Traning

In today’s ever-changing landscape, it is evident that companies must learn to adapt quickly and remain agile. Using outdated methods and practices would only slow potential growth and make working through any existing challenges much more difficult.

It is important to note that there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to sales training and closing the skills gap. This is because the needs and goals of each company and its teams can vary dramatically. However, some helpful tactics can assist companies in beginning to tackle this issue.


Skills Training Is a Lifelong Task

Learning, in any aspect, is a lifelong task—this is no different when it comes to sales training. A sales representative may be expected to be “fully trained” upon arrival, but what does this mean?

There is no definite marker of completion or even a defined path to take. So, it is hard to really know when one has been “fully trained”. Sales training can, and should, be a continuous effort for the representative’s entire career.

However, this may all go to waste if trainers are not holding their trainees accountable. There needs to be a willingness to keep up with training. And to monitor how they use tools, and correct any mistakes made along the way.

Sales representatives may not have very many opportunities to learn new concepts. So, there needs to be someone else present to continuously reinforce the material in the interim, or else there may not be much progress (if any at all).


One-Off Sales Training Sessions Aren’t Enough

It is becoming more apparent that a single seminar or workshop here and there is really only beneficial to those who are already performing at high levels. This makes sense as top performers have already acquired the necessary skills to take feedback and effectively incorporate it into their day-to-day duties.

However, the majority of any sales team is not performing in the top percentile. It, therefore, will require more time to absorb the training material and learn to implement everything successfully. Statistics also prove this fact, in that during a one-off sales training session or workshop, trainees will lose up to 84% of what they have learned over the next 90 days. For this reason, it is imperative that training is maintained throughout the sales representative’s career to truly maximize their growth potential.  


Your Sales Team Will Work as Cohesive Unit

There will come a time where those who have identified themselves as top performers can assist in helping and overseeing newer and less experienced representatives. Or even those who are not performing at a level that would be conducive to overall success.

This allows the sales team to work as one cohesive unit. And it will also ensure that all representatives are equipped with the same tools they need for success. These practices should be consistently emphasized amongst the top performers, as each individual plays a part in the team’s greater success.


Sales Training Produces a Dedicated and Focused Team

It would be beneficial to recognize that, while all sales representatives may have access to the same sales tactics and methodology, each representative will undoubtedly have a different approach to its implementation. For example, as the digital space continues to innovate, more and more companies are beginning to flock to social media as a means to sell. Therefore, while each individual may be using similar selling tools and techniques, their results and levels of success may vary drastically.

Having a single standardized approach will help close the skills gap. And this will make the transition for new hires that much more seamless. In addition, proper sales training allows for the growth of a dedicated and focused team by using methods with a proven track record of working effectively.


The Impact of Sales Training

Sales training in today’s environment is as important as ever to any company’s growth and success. Yet, businesses and leaders tend to disregard sales as a discipline when it comes to training and development. There is no “magic formula” for sales, as it all circles back to creating value for your customer and meeting their individual needs.

Sales reps are some of the frontline members and the faces of your company, dealing with your customers directly. As the faces of your company, they hold the power to make a great first impression but are not treated as such.


The Importance of Sales Training

Sales are the single most important aspect of any business. So, naturally, companies should invest and allocate more of their resources to this area. A good sales team can dramatically improve the cash flow of a company, so why wait to start transforming?


360 Consulting Can Help Your Business Succeed with Our Sales Training Programs

Our clients come from various industries, ranging from small business owners to large corporations with multiple managers and even larger sales teams. We understand the challenges that every sales team faces are unique. We know that every solution must be tailored to meet these specific needs.

By utilizing the knowledge we’ve gained from working with companies of all sizes, we help drive successful sales performance for our clients, and we work to create an environment that supports future success.

Have you thought about how you can propel your sales team to greatness? Schedule your free consultation here to find out how we help sales teams break sales records.

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