360 Consulting and Loadtex – A Sales Case Study

sales case study
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What makes a company special? In order to be successful, a company must offer a product or service that makes people’s lives better. It’s got to add something to society. When a company has a unique, valued solution, customers are happier, business is growing and employees are excited. Many companies have something special, but do not know how to best communicate their value in a market that is inundated with bad sales pitches. We would like to introduce you to a special company that developed the right messaging via our first Sales Case Study.


A Special Company

Special companies are those that are unique and truly excel at what they do. They often find innovative solutions to problems and accomplish what others haven’t been able to do. They have an authentic understanding of their customers and have the desire, vision, and potential for real growth.

But this isn’t to say these companies don’t run into obstacles. The truly exceptional companies meet these challenges with determination and wisdom, even if it means asking for guidance.

One of these special companies is Loadtex, a leader in their industry. Loadtex specializes in premier same-day and next-day expedited shipping services in DFW, across Texas, and beyond. They’ve built a name for themselves by making the nearly impossible look easy. In fact, for them it’s routine.

There are few commodities that are as time-sensitive as printed materials. Newspapers and magazines lose all their value if they aren’t available exactly when they’re supposed to be.

This is a need that Loadtex understands and prides itself on fulfilling. It’s how they’ve made a name for themselves. Providing such a service requires real-time communication with clients, a steadfast commitment to deadlines, and the necessary resources: trucks, personnel, technology, etc.

With the right tools and motivation at their disposal, Loadtex is able to meet committed delivery dates and times without exception—no matter what. The big picture is a company offering superior customer service to its clients with employees that go above and beyond to deliver cost-effective and time-efficient solutions to their needs.


The Desire to Grow

A sign of a great company that will continue to perform well in the future, Loadtex had no interest in resting on its laurels. It’s one thing to perfect a service, it’s another to have a vision for expanding that service.

Loadtex president Kevin Barker was able to see the need for a Loadtex solution in other markets and his company’s very real potential for growth. After all, the ability to make on-time expedited deliveries happen without exception is no small feat.

But as any business leader will tell you, expanding a company isn’t exactly a straightforward process. While Loadtex was already an expert in the delivery of printed materials, the move to other markets presented some hurdles.

Change and adjustments are natural parts of the growing process. The Loadtex go-to-market process needed adjustment in order to support opening to new markets. They needed to clearly define the new target business and make unique value propositions for the new markets. Also, the diversification of their target customer introduced the need for an augmented sales approach.

With a vision and ambitious growth objectives for 2020 and beyond, Loadtex recognized the need to design and implement a comprehensive and cost-effective sales process. The best course of action was to seek expert guidance.


The Right Help: 360’s Sales Case Study in Action

Enter 360 Consulting.

Kevin decided to enlist our sales leadership and sales consulting team to help get his company where it wanted to go. Starting with the right questions, the 360 team spent the time to get to know Loadtex on a meaningful level. This meant identifying the organization’s pain points as well as analyzing their current state and sales capability.

After developing a comprehensive understanding of the business, it was time to build the path to success.

At 360 Consulting we understand the value of a personalized approach to each business we work with. With Loadtex, it meant customizing our Entrepreneur Sales Playbook process to meet the Loadtex objectives. On a deeper level, we were able to clearly define the target businesses and customers Loadtex wanted to offer their services to.

Along with the importance of defining target customers comes the importance of defining effective sales stories. We know from experience that it’s an essential part of winning and keeping the attention of the customer.

After defining target customers and engaging sales stories, we defined a sales process that would lead them to their goals. It is vital that the sales process is very well documented. We included clear objectives, relevant questions, outlined required data, and detailed criteria for the completion of each stage of the process.

Three Solutions

To provide Loadtex with the option that they felt most comfortable with and to suit their needs as accurately as possible, we offered three different solutions.

The plans ranged from slower growth and more cost-effective to faster growth with a larger sales investment.

Loadtex was able to choose the right option for them, implementing a proactive sales approach and including a Sales Development Representative. With 360’s help, they also implemented an email marketing campaign.

With a timeline for implementation on the schedule, it was time to put the plan into action.


360 Results

The results were undeniable. Thanks to their efforts in clearly defining target clients and developing clear and effective sales messaging, the response was six times the market standard.

And that’s not all. The e-mail marketing campaign initiated by Loadtex and 360 Consulting resulted in a 10% click-through rate and a dramatic increase in new prospects.

The right kind of guidance can have a huge impact. Even companies that have honed their service and become experts in their industry can reap the rewards of expert consulting, as our sales case study shows.

Maybe Loadtex president Kevin Barker said it best:

The process we went through with Karl and Dean not only helped us to prepare an effective sales process, but it has enabled us to have a better understanding of our value and how we can better serve our customers.  There is a lot of excitement about expanding our company with 360’s unique skills and leadership.”


Your Top Line Is Our Bottom Line

To expedite meeting and exceeding your sales goals, it might be time to call in reinforcements. Schedule your free consultation here to find out how we help sales teams break sales records and grow your company.

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