How to Craft Efficient Sales Emails

How to Craft Efficient Sales Emails
January 2nd, 2019 0 Comments

We are living in the era of personalization. And frankly with all the data out there and different channels to connect with clients, there’s no excuse for not taking the steps to enhance consumer experience.

That’s why just a few years ago, 94% of businesses said that personalization was crucial to their success.

When it comes to personalization opportunities, the possibilities are abundant: search, social, content, email, display, and digital! However, today we’re going to place our focus on one category in particular—email.


The Power of Personalization in Sales Emails

We should take a moment to point out that we know personalizing every cold email (beyond a name) isn’t always feasible and it’s certainly not scalable. But there are some helpful tips to follow in personalizing, as well as making the decision when or when not to personalize.

First, check out our recent blog on sales emails here.

Then, read on to learn some of our expert advice on crafting more efficient cold sales emails through personalization.


Take a look at your own inbox, how many mass messages and emails do you have?

How many do you send to the trash folder without ever opening?


Face it, your prospects have the same scenario: inboxes chock full of annoying messages they don’t have time to sort through.

Increase your chances of breaking through and getting a response by following these tips:


Don’t Overdo It

Personalization teeters a fine line between charming and creepy.

While you should do your research and certainly tailor messages to the prospect, you want to be wary of including too many personal details. Overstep this line and you won’t just get your message sent to the spam folder, but you could even come off as creepy and will scare away customers.


Timing Is Everything

Your prospects are likely across different time zones and they certainly have different routines and preferences. Make sure you’re sending your email at an optimal hour in your prospect’s time zone to increase the chances of reply.


Personalize Your Business

The power of personalization isn’t centered solely on your prospects. Tailor your message to your prospect and their problem—how does your product or service solve their needs?

Focusing on the problem your brand can solve requires a plan for each decision-maker, as they all have different needs.


Target the Subject Line

Experiment with putting a prospect’s name in the subject line or choosing different subject lines for different segmented audiences. Doing so will show that you know who you are emailing and will make it feel less mass-produced.


Do Research

Check out their LinkedIn profile; what are your common interests or perhaps events? Use common interests and events as a reference point in your emails.



We Can Help

These are just a few of the stepping stones to great sales habits and building a foundation for sustainable growth. If you want to learn more about how your company can smash sales records and achieve lasting success, let’s talk!


Schedule your FREE consultation with our team here and follow our blog for other resources!


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