How to Increase and Improve Multi-Touch Points

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When you’re aiming to close a sale, every touch point for both prospects and current clients takes on critical importance. All touch points provide an opportunity to prove to your prospects that you have their best interests in mind. For this reason, businesses need to monitor and increase the range of multi-touch points where any single customer could have dealings with you, and improve the way in which customers respond to them.

As part of your sales strategy, therefore, your business will want to factor in a time to review a customer’s journey. Not having a strategy could cause prospects to fall between the cracks or go cold.

Review Multi-Touch Points in the Customer Journey

Before you can begin increasing customer touch points, you must first review all the touch points you currently have and use. Every business is different, so your own review will give you a more accurate list. But maybe one of these you thought was less relevant will be the new best one in the current climate!

So – here are some places in the sales process where you might “touch” prospects or “re-touch” current clients:

  • Cold calls, discovery calls, cold emails, mobile ads, press releases, social media posts, digital marketing campaigns, retargeting, etc.
  • Blogs, testimonials, sales presentations, videos, landing pages
  • Onboarding form, user guides, feedback surveys, product packaging, billing
  • Loyalty programs, physical stores, brochures, billboards, flyers, etc.

The Importance of a Strategy to Increase Customer Touch Points

We mentioned having a standard strategy set up. The simple reason is that a plan ensures you focus constantly on touching base with your prospects as many times as is best for you and  them. No plan means same old same old! So –

  1. A strategy avoids missed opportunities where you could have touched a customer profitably.
  2. A strategy keeps all teams focused on where they can increase touch points appropriately and regularly in each customer’s journey.
  3. If you have a RevOps system in your business that backs your strategy, you will have a unified view of response data. Result? You can a) respond accordingly to customers, and b) best allocate your business funding between sales, marketing, and operational touch points.

Let’s move on from the basics now to how you can increase and improve the multi-touch points you’ve identified.

7 Strategies to Improve Multi-Touch Points and Responses

1 Understand the customer from a marketing and sales perspective

Your marketing and sales efforts will more effective at each touch point if they resonate with the prospect or current customer you’re targeting.

You can improve your touch points by remembering that marketing and selling is something you do with people. Instead of focusing on what you want to achieve (“Ooh, a Facebook ad will bring in leads”), it’s a good idea to understand how your customer feels when presented with your messaging and marketing materials – and address their emotional needs in your touch points. Marketing ideas and materials go hand in hand with sales approaches.

For example, think:

  • What is the exact pain point this prospect has compared to a similar one? (Address that, clearly, whether in writing or verbally.)
  • What language have they used when responding to you at an earlier touch point? (Use it in your materials or call.)
  • What motivates this prospect? (Find evidence in your detailed CRM records.)
  • What concepts will they relate to?? (Did you listen to them carefully in previous calls? Choose an appropriate metaphor in ads and presentations etc.)

2 Avoid repetitive reaching out that leads to customer numbness

Of course, with one hand we’re recommending increasing your customer touch points, and now, with the other, advising you to be careful! However, in a world of hyper content, your customers can find constant sales approaches exhausting. In the end, they become numb to your brand – it no longer sparks their interest.

One way to combat this is to use different people in your company to touch different people in the prospect or client at different times. This way, by involving others, it’s not the same one-on-one every time! Variety is good!

So – choose your touch points appropriately and creatively to improve their effectiveness.

3 If you have micro markets, target your contacts differently in each

Both the points above will be effective if you apply them to micro and niche markets within your target market. You should:

  • Think about each of your smallest groups of customers and add some extra touch points to leverage their specific interest: sustainability, cost, added value, etc.
  • Deploy your marketing materials in multi-touch points at the best times and frequency for that group. You can easily do A/B testing and see if this works well. But it solves over-contacting and numbness while still being ultra-targeted.

4 Keep brand uniformity while being creative

Your brand communicates what you do, and makes a promise to your customers. While increasing the number of multi-touch points in the customer journey, you still need to maintain brand uniformity in every type of marketing material and communication. We’re talking sales messaging, as well as constants like image type and fonts, etc., across every platform and content type.

This doesn’t mean repetition, but rather using your creativity to invent content that suits each type of touch point separately and accurately. Your touch points become more effectively targeted and your brand maintains its status.

5 Learn from your competitors

Look out for where your competitors are touching their prospects and note any gaps in your own touch points. Could one be relevant now to reach your customers at a new point on their journey? Times change. Learn from your competitors’ strategies and find ways to increase your own multi-touch points. Have long emails become fashionable again? What else are you missing out on?

6 Update techniques regularly to stay relevant to current life and events

Technology and trends change rapidly and this affects when and how customers touch base with you. To be relevant, you need to “get” their lives, current events, values, and concerns. If that means using TikTok, so be it! It’s simply another means by which you can increase your multi-touch points.

7 Make good use of CRM and AI

These two tools will help you track all customer interactions and possibilities so that no prospects fall through the cracks at any touch point. Used together, you’ll be able to enhance customer satisfaction on their journey to closing that sale – and discover new touch points you may have missed.

We Can Help You

Improving and increasing customer multi-touch points is part of your whole sales process. We’d love to help you assess, build, drive, and tune your sales engine. Sales is in our collective DNA. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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We show you ways to monitor, increase, and improve the range of multi-touch points where any single customer could have dealings with you, and also improve the way in which they respond to your approach.
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