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Chris Goade of 360 Consulting talking about marketing and sales alignment
September 30th, 2022 0 Comments

Marketing Misses Sales? Or Marketing Meets Sales?

If you think that’s a pretty serious difference, you’re not only right – but underestimating! It’s the difference between the general effect of weak coffee and the powerful kick of a proper caffeine booster to your business when you bring about marketing and sales alignment.

It seems highly appropriate, therefore, that we’ve been discussing the topic of marketing and sales alignment recently on the Corporate Caffeine Podcast!

“We” were Chris Goade and Joe English from here at 360 Consulting, alongside host Dacia Coffey, CEO and Founder of The Marketing Blender, and marketing expert Daisy McCarty.

Don’t miss watching the whole episode (it’s a videocast!). That’s because some things spring to life and make more sense when you listen and watch them in real time. As Dacia puts it: “You’re going to hear some things that make you think quite differently.”

We hope so – because, as we say regularly on this blog, no sales, no business. The remedy is to build sales and marketing alignment. Without this integration, your marketing misses sales it could have clocked up.

Quick Summary?

Here, we’ll mention just a few of the topics we talk about in detail on the podcast.

1 The importance of integrating sales and marketing

Integrating isn’t the hotchpotch it sounds. It’s an important “alignment” that does away with those silos you might have noticed when your people don’t communicate about ideal customers, marketing campaigns, and sales goals.

2 Ways marketers have been interacting with clients since the pandemic and how the buyer journey has changed

There are many more touchpoints today as potential buyers move around different channels before closing. Their buying journey is not now traditionally linear. So every brand needs to nail their ideal customer profile and understand them thoroughly – how your product or service meets their needs and makes them happy, where they hang out, what they value, etc.

In other words, it’s a fallacy to believe you can “sell to anyone.” That’s a safe route to marketing missing sales! Instead, as Joe says, “Be intentional.” Anything else wastes your time and resources.

3 The issue of sales teams underperforming

Marketing and sales alignment improves the traditional “performance” figures of your sales people as soon as you hire not only the right talent but improve their onboarding and training.

Does This Quick Summary Do Justice to the Podcast?

No! If you want to include the many industry insights, examples, wonderful humor, and repartee that fill in the gaps for you in a practical and actionable way, don’t miss out on putting aside some time to eavesdrop on our conversation! Maybe when

  • commuting back from the office, or perhaps
  • lounging in your hotel room one evening.

What easier way to learn how to build marketing and sales alignment and grab the vision for your business?

We Can Help Boost Your Sales

When you’ve got to know us a little from watching the podcast, why not contact us at 360 Consulting for a discussion on your sales and marketing issues. Your top line is our bottom line!

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