Strategies of Top Sales Performers: What Everyone is Thinking But No One is Saying

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Ever hoped your sales reps would foster a deeper connection with prospective or current clients? It makes sense for you as team leader in terms of successful outcomes. Yes, the internet is full of advice on top sales performers’ strategies. But they’re the usual things, the same points everyone is making. And it’s likely your reps know those backwards!

So – we’re going to eavesdrop on what top sales performers are thinking. Because this is what they’ll be doing alongside all the traditional techniques to close sales.

Maybe the reason they don’t talk much about what they really do is so they can keep their competitive edge! Let’s break the silence.

5 Strategies of Top Sales Performers

Top Sales Performer Thought #1: “Listening Speaks Louder Than My Words”

While effective communication is essential, top sales performers know that active listening is even more critical.

When they are truly understanding the client’s needs and desires, they can tailor their pitch to resonate deeply and create personalized solutions that stand out from the competition.

Let’s look at an example which shows how you can prove your solution shows you’ve listened and is therefore a better fit than the competition’s.


Your rep has a meeting with a potential client seeking your financial consulting services. Top sales performers are actively listening to that client’s financial goals and concerns – without interrupting.

They maybe take comprehensive notes, showing genuine interest. They can then tailor a financial plan that truly aligns with the client’s needs and aspirations according to what they have disclosed.

Top Sales Performer Thought #2: “I’m Selling the Experience, Not Just the Product”

Instead of solely focusing on product features and benefits, or the delivery details of a service offering, exceptional salespeople sell the entire experience that comes with the purchase.

It’s obviously pointless mentioning features if you don’t show the benefit to that unique individual – whether personally or for their business. So top sales performers paint a vivid picture of how the product will transform the client’s life or their business’s success.

Responding then feels irresistible – but they then make it logical for them by going through the features to provide proof that the desire to buy is rational!


Supposing you sell smart home devices. You’re in competition with many other businesses, and most devices do roughly the same thing. You have your USP up your sleeve, of course. But instead of focusing on features, top sales reps will describe the seamless integration of the device into the customer’s daily life.

This links with #1 above, about listening first! If the easy life matters to your prospect, you illustrate the convenience of adjusting lighting and temperature with voice commands. If they have a new home, you showcase how the product creates a modern and efficient living environment. Ultimately you’re selling the experience of a smarter, more connected home – which your USP will ensure, of course!

Top Sales Performer Thought #3: “Authentic Vulnerability Will Win Trust”

Top sales performers understand that being vulnerable and sharing personal stories can create a powerful connection with clients.

They never say this out loud, but know it instinctively. Emotions and authenticity play a vital role in building trust – and often lead to higher conversion rates and long-term customer loyalty.


You’re selling a range of fitness equipment to a gym. You know the tech specs are important to a gym business, but a top sales performer knows that a way in for connection is to share their own fitness journey and how the equipment transformed their health and lifestyle.

So you admit to having had a fitness problem! By being authentic and vulnerable, you create an emotional connection with the business or even private customer, making the product more relatable and desirable.

Top Sales Performer Thought #4: “Rejection is My Greatest Ally”

Our last two thoughts are where a newer rep might fall down.

One is dealing with the inevitable fear of rejection by the customer. It’s hard to take. Some reps will push on to avoid it.

But successful salespeople know to embrace rejection – when it comes – as an opportunity to learn and improve. They understand that every “no” brings them closer to a “yes,” and top sales performers will actively seek feedback from prospects who seem inclined to reject, to refine their approach.

They don’t talk about this approach – who wants to announce they fear getting rejected? But they’re comfortable with accepting and dealing with it.


Let’s suppose a potential customer is about to refuse a software subscription. A top sales rep listens attentively to the concerns. Because they don’t fear rejection, they can think of a way through.

So – in this situation, instead of pressuring the prospect, you acknowledge the reservations and suggest a trial period to address their specific needs. You use the objection as a chance to adapt your approach and possibly turn hesitant prospects into loyal customers.

Top Sales Performer Thought #5: “I Know When to Walk Away”

Our second thought that newer reps may fall down on is this.

Instead of feeling they must relentlessly pursue every lead, top sales performers recognize that not every prospect is an ideal fit. After all, the pipeline may not be in shape and now includes less-than-ideal prospects. It happens.

These reps are therefore willing to walk away from deals that end up not aligning with the values of the company. Or, if the prospect decides to walk away, these reps realize that a quick “no” is actually a good thing. This saves time and energy to spend on more promising opportunities in the funnel.


While negotiating with a potential client interested in business consultancy services, the top sales performer realizes that the client’s expectations are unrealistic and not aligned with the consultancy’s capabilities.

Instead of pushing forward and risking a disillusioned customer – which many newer reps will feel obliged to do to close a deal of any sort – you politely decline the project. You explain that your goal is to deliver the best results possible for the prospective client, and that this particular project may not be a good fit.

360 Consulting Can Help You Improve Your Sales Performance

Your sales playbook is the most effective way of guiding your sales team to become top sales performers. However, at 360 Consulting, we don’t leave things unsaid. We help you document all the sales techniques needed for every aspect of your potential customer’s journey. No thoughts left unturned!

If you’re ready to help your reps foster deeper connections with clients that lead to more successful sales outcomes, contact us today and let’s talk!

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