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What makes a successful salesperson? This is a highly discussed question in our industry and one that’s liable to drive you crazy if you spend too much time thinking about it. While there may not be one right answer, we have a pretty good idea. After decades in the industry ourselves we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to sales, but today we want to focus on the exceptional. To get there, we need sales education.

To the 360 Consulting team, a great salesperson is one who sees the value in continuing sales education and training. Committing to continued learning and development is something that can make the difference when it comes to taking your sales to the next level.

In many industries, professionals believe that once they’ve started their career, they’re set. But when it comes to sales, you should never get complacent. If you’re a business leader or sales team leader, it’s important that you recognize the value of providing consistent educational opportunities for your sales teams.


Why Should You Provide Consistent Sales Training? 

Many believe that the only real way to learn how to sell is to just get out there and do it, which is true, but it’s also only one aspect of being a great salesperson. You must continue to nurture those skills with training and mentoring.

When you offer ongoing educational opportunities for your sales team, you’re offering them access to:


All of these skills are important because being a great salesperson goes well beyond being a “people person”. Hence, if you want to see sales records smashed and business growth, you’ll want to invest in well-rounded sales team members.

At 360 Consulting, we have 3 specific approaches to continuing education for sales teams and sales team leaders, which are sales:

  • leadership
  • execution
  • development


1. Sales Leadership

Sales leaders have a lot on their plates and sometimes no matter how great you are, there will be gaps to fill and resources missing. We help pick up the slack and offer the insight that will allow your sales leaders be their best and lead sales teams to new heights.

From there, we design unique sales programs from the ground up, then recruit and train based on them to transform your company through great sales teams.

We offer three specialized training opportunities and services to help you meet your needs:

  • Outsourced VP of Sales©
  • Certified Sales Leader Program
  • Sales Leader Recruiting & Onboarding


2. Sales Execution

A great sales team is only one part of the formula. Through our Sales Execution services, we can guide your sales teams on how to masterfully follow through on best sales practices.

We offer:

  • Sales Infrastructure Development & Implementation
  • Sales Recruiting & Onboarding (Inside, Outside, Business Development, Sales Support, etc.)
  • Sales Playbook Development & Implementation


3. Sales Development 

We work closely with your team to create a completely customized approach that will uncover the steps that need to change within your sales strategy.

And then we’ll tailor an entirely new plan to fit your needs through:

  • Personnel Assessments
  • Sales Leader Development
  • Sales Leader Mentorship & Coaching
  • And of course sales Training!


When sales leaders, team members, and business leaders alike embrace the value of continued training, your organization as a whole can become more efficient, adapt easier to new technologies and methods, and you’ll see results.

If you want to learn more about which program, or combination of programs, is best for your sales team, let’s talk! Schedule your FREE consultation today!


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Make Sales Education A Priority for Your Team
How does your sales team get better? By consistent and continuing sales education and sales training. See what we offer to grow your team's skills!
Sales Education
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