Sales Leaders: Build a Path to More Sales

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For various reasons, businesses and established corporations hit roadblocks when it comes to growing sales.

Whether it’s a lack of training, saturated customers, or stalling at a specific sales level, your business could be suffering.

Many times, business leaders find they want to step away from sales roles and focus their attention on growing their business in other ways, and that’s great.

But if there’s no formal plan or procedure in place, an untrained sales leader (even if they’re your top salesperson) won’t be able to deliver sustainable practices.

What Can You Do?

As former sales executives ourselves, we’ve found that the best remedy is the Certified Sales Leader Program.

This training course is designed for sales leaders who:

  • Have had inadequate training in the past
  • Are leading multiple salespeople and various teams
  • Don’t have all the tools they need to drive sales

Can You Identify with Any of These Areas?

If so, here’s what you and your company can gain from sending sales leaders to Certified Sales Leader Training.

What Is CSL Training?

This intensive in-person training is the most comprehensive sales leader certification program in the nation and is led by an experienced VP of Sales, who will also coach and consult your sales or business manager.

How Many Lessons Are Available?

Through 16 lessons, the VP will focus on the entire sales management skill set and will supply needed sales processes and tools.

Our VP will guide your team on how to apply the practical application of the program for future success as well as an idea of how to implement these proven practices for your company.

At 360 Consulting, we have become consultants by choice after more than two decades of leading sales teams.

We’ve Been There

We’ll bring this expertise to facilitate and guide the CSL training for your sales leaders. We’ve been in your shoes before, we know what you’re facing, and we know how to help you.

We’ll give you tools, documents, templates, and valuable input that you can take back to your organization and effect change to drive record-breaking sales that will grow your business.

What Areas Are Covered?

The actual course includes 16 lessons, taught over an 8-week period, that cover various areas, such as:

  • Understanding your client
  • Hiring the right salespeople
  • Building effective sales plans
  • Developing compensation plans that incentivize desired behavior

How Do I Get My CSL Certification?

Once lessons are completed, participants can take a CSL certification exam and once passed, a CSL certification can be added to your credentials!

What Can CSL Training Do for Your Company?

Sales leaders who complete the CSL course deliver time and time again. Your sales leaders gain beneficial experience that will help them build a solid foundation needed to implement change and drive revenue growth.

If you’re ready to smash sales records this year and give your sales leaders the tools and training your company deserves, we can help.

Let our team of experts help your company and top sales leaders learn how to lead now and into the future.

Contact Us Today

Let’s talk about your sales—give us a call today! Take the first step toward breaking sales records at your company. We’re never too busy to talk about your bottom line.

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Sales Leaders: Build a Path to More Sales
Let our team of experts help your company and top sales leaders learn how to lead now and into the future. Contact us today!
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