Sales Trends to Follow in 2019

Sales Trends to Follow in 2019
February 13th, 2019 0 Comments

The technology and level of connectivity we have today is unparalleled. And working smarter, not harder, is the name of the game for organizational leaders looking to grow their business. If you want to see new success in 2019, it’s time you tap into the tools of today to make it happen.

The holidays are long gone and it’s time to start making the most of your 2019. If you want to help your sales team smash their records this year, here are some of the trends to keep an eye on.


Three Sales Trends to Take Sales Teams to The Next Level This Year

Industry shifts and technological advances will ultimately affect your specific needs and goals this year, but here are a few general sales trends that can make any company successful.

1. Make your CRM work for you

What’s the point of collecting data if you’re not going to use it to enhance your business, your services, and overall consumer experience?

Integrating your CRM system is important, but so is using your CRM to tell a story. Utilize your CRM to give your team a real look into whom you’re serving and then use this information to craft content and resources that fit what your clients are looking for.

We have a special plan that helps businesses integrate CRM systems into their sales infrastructure, you can learn more here!


2. Invest in Sales Recruitment

Talent and a track record of success are two things you want on your sales team.

So let this year be the one when you put more emphasis on identifying, recruiting, and hiring top sales talent for your business.

To bring on the best sales reps for your organization, you need to have a clear idea of your needs, goals, and reputation, as well as a clear compensation plan and the right tools to connect with the right sales performers.


3. Find the balance between sales and marketing

Sales and marketing are both key areas in their own right, but together they form a crucial aspect of successful business practices.

In fact, we have seen time and time again that many organizations fall short when it comes to producing harmony between sales and marketing; the two should complement each other.

Investing time, training, and tools to build bridges between your sales and marketing teams will have huge payoffs and shouldn’t be underestimated.


If you’re comfortable with stagnant growth and mediocre performance, toss these tips to the side. But if you’re ready to smash sales records and see your business really take off, these three trends are great places to start.

If you aren’t sure where to begin or how each aspect could be implemented into your business, let’s talk! You can learn more about our services here, and when you’re ready, schedule your FREE consultation to get in touch with us soon!


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